Thermal imaging from a high resolution Infrared Camera that incorporates cutting-edge technology is necessary equipment today for our commercial and residential diagnostic capability.

This amazing system is non-invasive, non-contact and provides accurate, reliable and documented information about problem areas. This effort is coordinated with additional high tech equipment and testers to further pinpoint areas of interests that can go undetected in a typical inspection. Finally this tool reduces the cost and time for location of problems and (if needed) can create documentation with thermal images.

The most popular building diagnostics applications are:

Moisture detection
Defective Insulation
Air leakage
Flat roof leaks

One of the most frequent and requested inspections is to identify moisture. Moisture is very important to control in a building as it affects human comfort, air quality and heating/cooling costs. Moisture is the single most important factor that causes buildings to deteriorate. When the moisture is too high, and the temperature is just right, toxic mold can grow.  Mold will grow when temperatures are between 40°F and 95°F (grows best between 77°F and 86°F), water is present and nutrients are present (mold will eat just about anything).

Kozubek Construction has invested in this technology and believes that thermal imaging is an essential trouble-shooting and diagnostic tool in preventative maintenance. We use one of the best cameras on the market to provide home and business owners with accurate, timely, and useful information that will pinpoint problem areas and minimize project cost. Contact us to find out how Thermal Technology can be of benefit in solving your problems.

Thermal Image Samples