Being green is on everyone's mind, including that of Kozubek Construction. Reducing a structure's environmental impact and long term energy usage can be accomplished with recycling and reusing existing materials, using specific green products and green remodeling practices.

Remodeling your home using green building practices decreases your impact on the environment, creates a cleaner environment in your home, and reduces energy consumption while also improving the resale value of your home.

Remodeling green not only emphasizes using materials that are eco friendly and less toxic, but also materials that insulate and control the interior space of your home. By having your home insulated better you not only lower the cost of heating/cooling but you also control the level of moisture and inside air pollution. By being able to control these variables you are able to reduce mold as well as other allergens. Humidity is the single biggest factor in structural deterioration, and controlling it extends the life of your home. (Read more about it in on Useful Link page).

The first step to any successful home remodel is creating a plan that takes into account the long and short term goals of each project. It is difficult to make a home that is over a decade old green overnight but a well evaluated plan will start the project in the right direction.

Kozubek Construction has invested in a cutting edge high resolution infrared camera for troubleshooting and inspecting structures (read more about it on our Infrared Technology page). Infrared thermography makes it possible to non invasively and cost effectively inspect a structure for interior moisture, gaps in insulation, airflow cracks, water damage, electrical and mechanical system overload, etc.

Kozubek Construction has the right tools and is here to help you plan and execute your project to reach the green level you desire.