Lech Kozubek, Owner

In 1987, Lech Kozubek immigrated from Poland, bringing with him an education in mechanical engineering, as well as a talent for old-world construction and detailed craftsmanship. 

Lech has operated Kozubek Construction in San Francisco since 1999 where he has undertaken remodeling, repair, and maintenance jobs for both residential and commercial clients.  He not only manages but actively works on all projects.

What you can expect from Kozubek Construction

At Kozubek Construction, we are a family-owned company, capable of taking on projects both large and small. For over twenty years we have maintained a reputation for excellence and integrity. Your project is our priority.

We work hard to give you the best construction for the best value. We actively keep our overhead low, and carefully evaluate all labor and material needs. By keeping our own costs to a minimum we are able to pass that savings along to you. Also, owner Lech Kozubek acts as estimator, work manager, and worker on all projects. By wearing multiple hats, Lech is able to eliminate the common cost of having “just a boss” on site.

Types of work

Kozubek Construction specializes in remodeling.  We can handle everything from changing kitchen cabinets to large complicated room additions.  We have a keen understanding of architectural and engineering specifications and city and state building code compliance.

Compliance with Environmental Requirements

At Kozubek Construction we are concerned with and adhere to all government environmental and compliance standards. Close attention is paid to lead paint rules, dust control, asbestos concerns, and debris removal with recycling.

Beyond that we are versed in the best green practices in the industry and have the ability to apply them to your project at any scale you desire.